Dr. André Chen - Smile Day - RTP1

The Implantology Institute®, through Dr. André Chen, offered to help Maria, Zélio and Bruno with their dental problems.

Professor João Caramês - Smile Day - SIC Notícias

Professor João Caramês was invited by television channel "SIC Notícias" to talk about the importance of an healthy smile in the Smile Day.

Dr. Filipe Freitas - Computer Guided Surgery - SIC "Boa Tarde"

Technological advances in dentistry allow the placement of implants in a simple and fast way. With the help of a computer you can perform a minimally invasive surgery, which eliminates the need for sutures and provides a very comfortable postoperative period, with the placement of fixed teeth on the same day of the intervention. Dr. Filipe Freitas explains the steps for planning these interventions.

Professor João Caramês - Periodontal disease and dental Implants - SIC "Boa Tarde"

Anabela Oliveira received the dental treatment that she "always dreamed" at the Impantology Institute. Her treatment has gone through several phases and interventions, which assumed prominence in the areas of Periodontology ("gum diseases") and Implantology. Follow the “before and after”.

Dr. Nuno Montezuma- "Invisible" Orthodontics - SIC "Boa Tarde"

Dr. Nuno Montezuma presented in "Boa tarde" two options for performing orthodontics (correction of tooth position) whose characteristics allows a superior aesthetics during the course of treatment, carried out at the Implantology Institute. They are ceramic devices and lingual appliances (placed in the inner side of the teeth), which allows the correct positioning of a tooth as effectively as the "conventional" appliances.

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