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  • An infected tooth can decrease athletic performance 22%.;
  • The performance of a mouth breather (difficulty breathing through the nose) decreases about 21% compared to a nasal breather;
  • An orthodontic problem (bad tooth position) can develop respiratory complications, producing a decrease of 21% in sports performance;
  • A muscular injury can take up to 2 times longer to recover if there is also a dental pathology;
  • A gum problem can compromise the heart, joints and hinder recovery from muscle injuries;
  • A malocclusion (relation of the upper teeth with the lower) or missing teeth causes problems in chewing, impairing the absorption of nutrients and can cause muscle imbalances, headaches, discomfort and stress;
  • Vicious habits such as nail biting, squeezing and gnashing teeth produce wear of teeth and muscle overload (contractures and spasms) and may cause headaches and stress;
  • According to the National Youth Sports Foundation about 5 million teeth are lost each year in sporting activities;
  • According to the ADA - American Dental Association - at least 200 000 trauma are avoided by the use of mouthguards;
  • According to the American Dental College of Sports Medicine using a mouthguard decreases the risk of dental trauma in 80%;
  • Every athlete involved in a contact sport has a 10% chance of developing a dental or oral trauma, and without the use of custom mouthguard that risk increases over 60 times!
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