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Root Coverage / Periodontal Plastic Surgery

The exposure of the root surface of a tooth is due to recession of the gums. Root coverage surgery using a gum graft may help repair gingival defect, preventing further progression of recession and prevent the onset of tooth decay.

The main benefits of this surgery are to reduce tooth sensitivity and restore gum health. When the root surface of a tooth is exposed, the simple act of eating or drinking hot or cold foods can cause extreme sensitivity in the tooth in question.

The gingival graft will permanently cover the exposed root, reducing discomfort and reestablishing gum health. In other situations, in patients who have gingival recession associated with a thin gum may be beneficial to increase the thickness of gingival tissue through a plastic periodontal surgery.

Furthermore, periodontal disease is characterized by gingival inflammation and recession. The root exposure caused by gingival recession can cause the appearance of teeth longer than normal.


Gum recession - before and after
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