Medical Area

1. Planning

Oral rehabilitation involving implants begins at the planning stage. During the initial appointment, our professionals assess the patient’s general state of health and identify any pathologies that could interfere with dental treatment. At this point a carefully examination of the oral structures is also carried out, assessing not just existing teeth but also the areas that have lost teeth (namely with regard to the quantity and quality of the existing bone structure), the state of the gums and all the factors that are relevant for the treatment.

The initial phase also entails conventional radiological examinations, photographic records and impressions to obtain models to study and prepare the provisional crowns. In some cases complementary exams such as a CAT scan and clinical analyses, amongst others, may also be necessary.

In dentistry, there are almost always various treatment options. It is our duty to inform the patient about all the different possibilities that are suited to the patient’s expectations, so that they can make an aware and informed decision.

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