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"I believe there will be present among all the congressmen the healthy clinical discussion conducted by Dr. Dennis Tarnow and Prof. Daniel Buser, not only in the approach of the post-extractive alveolus in aesthetic zone, but also by the different approaches and surgical and prosthetic perspectives considered in the resolution of complications in implant-supported rehabilitation in the anterior sector. Because their presence in congresses is so rare, for having been together for the first time in Portugal, I would highlight this as the highest moment of the Congress, "said the president of the scientific committee and founders of the Training Center of Dental Medicine Caramês Advanced Education Center. For João Caramês, the seventh edition of IORC was once again a success, an initiative that brought to Portugal two of the worlds leading specialists in dentistry and oral health. In fact, Dennis Tarnow and Daniel Buser were the main stars of the event, but the doctor highlights others such as "the remarkable and irreverent presentation of André Chen or clinical experience as a periodontist in the resolution of peri-implantite cases of Professor Gil Alcoforado".

At the end of the Congress, André Chen was proud of his participation in the IORC. For the specialist in Oral Surgery, the seventh edition exceeded all expectations. "All the talks were of excellence and I think the audience had the opportunity to learn immensely. The auditorium of the University of Lisbon was full, which in an event of oral rehabilitation is very impressive. If the main objective of the initiative is to share experiences and knowledge in the field of implantology, rehabilitation and oral health, for André, as for João Caramês, what will remain in everyones memory is the presence of two of the most prestigious implantologists of the it was modern. "Attending a Portuguese stage for Dennis Tarnow and Daniel Buser discussing implantology was memorable."

In his lecture "Enhanced Biology Trough Digital Implantology", André Chen highlighted the importance of digital technology in everyday dental medicine, drawing attention to the correct integration of this tool into the different modalities of rehabilitation and the state of the art in oral implantology in aspects of digital planning, the institution of digital therapeutics and the research part with digital technology. "It always gives me great expectations and I was very pleased that I was very curious about the subject, which always generates a lot of discussion," he pointed out at the end of the Congress. Promoted by the Caramese Advanced Education Center, this IORC edition has partnered with the Dennis Tarnow Alumni & Friends International Symposium. João Caramês underlined the fundamental role of the chairman of the organizing committee in the initiative. "The joint meeting is due in large part to Professor Helena Francisco, who has been coordinating the Dennis Tarnow Alumni for some years. This Symposium is always a time of healthy sharing of knowledge in which alumni are called to participate. Everyone stands in a humble position in the face of the knowledge and discussion of "hot topics" previously selected and always energized by Dr. Dennis Tarnow, one of the greatest examples of what it is to be a clinician and a brilliant pedagogue. It discusses knowledge and clinical experience in its opinion leader status as few in the world. Dennis Tarnow presents what the English so well call "the gift of the gab" and captures the attention of the audience in a very peculiar way. The way he bases his clinical decisions establishes symbiosis with the resolution images of the complex clinical cases presented to us. They keep us in the memory and we always learn something new. It was a great honor and joy to re-count your presence at the seventh IORC and celebrate with you the 25 years of the Tarnow Alumni, "John Caramese proudly told Dental Pro.

At the end of her presentation on the first day of the Congress, "Soft Tissue Management in the Esthetic Area", proud of the presence in the care of Dennis Tarnow and Gary Greenstein, "who contributed so much to my training as a Periodontologist", Helena Francisco highlights the moment of literature review revitalized by Tarnow and some of his former students in Dennis Tarnow and some of his alumni at the Dennis Tarnow Alumni & Friends International Symposium. "It has contributed to question some concepts even today with scant scientific evidence. This format of presentation at a congress in Portugal was unique and I think the feedback from the audience was very positive ", summarized the assistant professor in the Department of Oral Surgery and Implantology of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Lisbon. In a way of balance, João Caramês and Helena Francisco could not agree more. If for the teacher the various previous editions of the IORC have generated a significant adhesion between dental doctors, oral hygienists, dental technicians and dental assistants, for the scientific programs presented, for the excellence of the speakers and for a multidisciplinary view integrating all members of the clinical team of oral rehabilitation, admits that the expectations raised around the seventh edition of IORC were rather high. "Notwithstanding my position as founder and chair of the congressional scientific committee, I sincerely found it difficult to overcome the adhesion recorded in the previous edition. However, as I have already mentioned, it is part of the DNA of "our team" that we accept challenges and always do better. The seventh IORC was the reflection of this sense of organization. Accepting for the first time in Portugal an edition of the Dennis Tarnow Alumni & Friends International Symposium, which honored us, I believe we have achieved an equivalent success. Perhaps for joining two of the clinicians who most influenced, contemporary implantology, Dr. Dennis Tarnow Prof. Daniel Buser, the 7th IORC will be remembered in a special way. We are happy for the good feedback from many congressmen. And already thinking about the 2020 edition! ". The chair of the IORC organizing committee made a point of praising all the speakers: "Due to the pertinence of the topics and the clinical excellence of the speakers, all the presentations deserve to be highlighted. Briefly, I would like to highlight the opening presentation of the congress that showed the potential of the workflow in digital implantology in favor of the biologically and prosthetically more predictable use of the zirconia implant. This theme was notably presented by Dr. André Chén. The introduction by Professor Stefan Fickl of one of the topics most discussed at the congress, the approach of the post-extractive alveolus in aesthetic zone was followed. Equally important was the updating of concepts in the treatment of peri-implant disease through the long clinical experience of Professor Gil Alcoforado. To these conferences I add the unique contribution provided by Dr. Gary Greenstein, Dr. Dennis Tarnow, Dr. Stephen Chu and Professor Daniel Buser in implant-supported rehabilitation of the post-extractive alveolus as well as in the treatment of surgical failures in aesthetic area. At these conferences, the clinical experience and research produced by these noted clinicians provided a battle of concepts interest where the timing of surgical intervention, type of intervention and prosthetic approach were subject to a coherent and interesting clinical and scientific discussion.

I would also like to highlight a "Summit" dedicated to dental technicians outside the main IORC conference program, as well as courses for oral assistants and hygienists, according to João Caramês, due to the recognition of the importance of the prosthesis as a central element of all oral rehabilitation and the full integration and appreciation of the entire clinical team. "The concept has been present in previous editions and will surely remain in the future." Both courses were also sold out.

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