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Missing several posterior teeth

The posterior teeth (molars and pre-molars) are essential for balancing the masticatory system. The absence of these teeth can lead to serious deficiencies in chewing food (which can result in gastro-intestinal disturbances) and also imply a non-physiological overload on the other teeth. The lack of rear teeth can also cause articular problems.

In situations where various rear teeth are missing, an implant-supported fixed bridge is the most suitable form of treatment, with excellent functional and aesthetic results. When all the rear teeth are missing, this is in fact the only viable solution for fixed rehabilitation.

In such situations, other types of treatment may also be considered:


This is a good aesthetic and functional solution. However, this option cannot be considered in cases where many teeth have been lost, or when the adjacent teeth do not provide sufficient support.


This is a simpler and more economical solution to rehabilitate the gap left by the missing teeth. However, it does present many disadvantages as compared to fixed rehabilitation. Amongst others, it implies the use of unaesthetic metallic hooks. Removable prostheses are more voluminous and lead to changes at the level of speech and mastication.

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