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Missing all the lower teeth

The rehabilitation of a patient with a total loss of the lower teeth with conventional prostheses has always been a difficult challenge. The anatomical conditions of the lower jaw make it difficult to place stable removable prostheses which almost always implies a great deal of discomfort and insecurity for the patient.

The loss of all the lower teeth is one of the most obvious situations in which implantology can contribute towards achieving a clear improvement n terms of comfort and masticatory capacities. The most suitable form of treatment is a fixed prosthesis on dental implants. This option offers better aesthetic and functional results in rehabilitating cases of a total loss of teeth, allowing the patient to recovery their lost well-being and self-esteem.

According to each individual case, a totally ceramic, metallic-ceramic or hybrid (metallic-acrylic) fixed bridge can be used, all of which are supported by implants.

It is necessary to place dental implants in such cases. The number of implants depends on the clinical situation of each individual patient.

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