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Missing a posterior tooth

A single dental implant is the best way of rehabilitating the gap left by a missing posterior tooth, with excellent aesthetic and functional results.

An implant-supported rehabilitation reduces the bone re-absorption caused by the loss of a tooth and, on the other hand, contributes towards preserving the adjacent teeth, which are not physically affected during the implantation of the missing tooth.

Other treatment options can also be considered, which might be suitable in some cases:


This is a good aesthetic and functional solution. The main disadvantage is the fact that it implies that adjacent teeth must be prepared and will be physically affected by the process of fixing the bridge.


This is a simpler and more economical solution to rehabilitate the gap left by a missing tooth. However, it does present many disadvantages as compared to fixed rehabilitation. Amongst others, it implies the use of unaesthetic metallic hooks. Removable prostheses are more voluminous and lead to changes at the level of speech and mastication.

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