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Implantology is a surgical specialty of dentistry dedicated to dental implants. Dental implants are structures made of a titanium alloy that are placed on the maxilla or mandible to substitute the roots of lost teeth. They offer a safe and permanent solution to substitute one or more teeth, functioning as a support for single crowns and partial or total, fixed or removable bridges.

With dental implants the patient can choose a fixed rehabilitation, that no longer requires uncomfortable and unaesthetic removable prostheses supported only by mucous membranes, and can once again experience the comfort provided by natural teeth.

Other advantages of dental implants include:

  • Maintaining the bone structure and facial aesthetics that are lost with the absence of teeth;
  • Restoring masticatory capacity and being able to eat without the inherent impediments of not having natural teeth;
  • Maintaining the integrity of neighboring teeth, since they are not affected, as happens in the case of dental bridges;
  • Substantial improvement in the confidence and security afforded by natural teeth, ensuring a better self-esteem for the patient without any social impediments.
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