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Immediate Teeth

The placement of dental implants that are immediately functional has been a common practice since the 1980s, and has been validated by innumerable clinical studies that attest to the safety of the procedure and its expected results.

This technique consists of attaching acrylic crowns to the dental implants. Thus, the fixed teeth are placed on the same day as the surgery, immediately restoring to the patient the comfort, aesthetics and functionality of natural teeth.

This method can be used both in cases of total or partial loss of teeth as well as to substitute even a single tooth.

Once the phase of the osseointegration of the implants is concluded, and after the tissues have healed, new impressions are made and the acrylic crowns are substituted with crowns made of extremely aesthetic and resistant materials.

Despite the obvious advantages associated with this process, not all patients are suitable candidates to receive immediate implants. The use of this technique is always preceded by careful clinical examinations and x-rays, where the specific conditions of each individual patient will be assessed, especially in terms of the quantity and quality of the underlying bone structure.

In order to place implants with immediate crowns it is often necessary to wait for a period of time after the original tooth has been lost to allow the bone and gums to heal. However, at the Implantology Institute®, we can also place implants immediately after the extraction of unviable teeth. Immediate teeth are placed on these implants on the day of the surgery itself.

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