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Once its cause is detected, there are several measures that can help in eliminating bad breath, each case needs a specific and individualized treatment depending on the source of the odor.

In many cases a multidisciplinary approach is needed since several factors can cause bad breath, including tooth decay, gingivitis (inflammation of the gingiva) and periodontitis and lack of saliva. Our expert consultation has success rates exceeding 96 % in respect of the treatment of halitosis.

The objectives of the treatment of halitosis are:

  • Initially, the establishment of a gingival, periodontal and dental health in patients with such problems;
  • Reduce the number of bad odor producing bacteria, especially in regions of the posterior dorsum of the tongue and periodontal grooves and pockets;
  • Neutralize the volatility of the products responsible for the bad odor.

Once the halitosis is eliminated, it is imperative to maintaining a proper oral hygiene for a successful treatment. In addition to daily tooth brushing and dental floss, regular monitoring is essential by your Dentist and Oral Hygienist.

The Implantology Institute has developed the consultation for Halitosis with technology whose goal is to provide the patient with a differential diagnosis of the problem as well as a plan for appropriate and personalized treatment for each situation.

Remember that more than a "cosmetic" problem, halitosis may be the source of diseases and the identification of the cause is crucial in their early diagnosis.

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