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Oral Hygiene

The Oral Hygiene consultation is directed to the prevention of all oral pathologies and maintenance of all treatments carried out in other specialties of dentistry.

In this consultation an oral diagnostic of caries, gum disease and other problems that may exist is performed. It is also a goal to remove tartar and plaque through scaling, root smoothing and polishing of dental surfaces. Depending on each patient, the Oral Hygienist may proceed with the application of fissure sealants, fluoride and products for tooth sensitivity. At the end of the consultation, will carry out all the theoretical and practices instructions for improving your oral health and consequent prevention of oral diseases.

The main objective of the consultation Oral Hygiene is the promotion of health and prevention of oral diseases, maintenance of treatments and aesthetic improvements that allow a more beautiful and healthy smile over time. Regular consultations of Oral Hygiene are a key factor in the maintenance of your teeth, to avoid more invasive and costly treatments.

Attendance to the Oral Hygiene is determined by the Dentist or Hygienist, being dependent on the individual predisposition to tooth decay or gum problems.

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