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Dental Occlusion

Dental occlusion is the way how the teeth relate to each other. To achieve optimal occlusion it is necessary to achieve a correct relationship between both maxillaries and tooth positioning to enable the maintenance of all oral functions - mastication, speech, swallowing and aesthetics.

A malocclusion can lead to changes in one or all of these functions and sometimes temporomandibular dysfunction. Temporomandibular dysfunction is a condition resulting from abnormal functioning of the masticatory muscles, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or both associated with the oral- facial or cervical structures. It may cause headaches or neck, joint noises, tinnitus or fullness in the ears, problems when opening or closing the mouth, limited mouth opening, wear on teeth and difficulties in chewing. It can also modify psychosomatic characteristics of the individual, reducing quality of life.

Realizing the importance of occlusion, in Implantology Institute we seek to restore an ideal dental occlusion in all our rehabilitations.

We have clinicians with specific training in the area that can diagnose and treat diseases related to dysfunction.

Related with occlusion stands out Bruxism.

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