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In situations where teeth have been severely damaged by cavities, fractures, trauma or accentuated wear and in which the dental pulp (tissue that contains the tooth’s nerve and blood vessels) has been compromised, it is necessary to remove the tissue in order to keep the tooth.

This type of treatment, commonly referred as root canal treatment, consists of accessing the interior of the tooth in order to clean and seal the root canal system.

In certain circumstances, this procedure can be performed in a single appointment, although more than one session is common.


Root canal work - before


Root canal work - after



Technological advances in dentistry allows treatments to be highly predictable. The Endodontics consultation at the Implantology Institute has an Endodontic Microscope that allow high levels of magnification to facilitate and improve the prognosis of treatments.


The introduction of the Endodontic Microscope allows for micro-surgical procedures with high precision. In some situations, teeth with cysts or other lesions on the roots can be maintained when the micro-surgery is added to the conventional root canal treatment.

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