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Dentistry is the area of dental medicine that restores dental anatomy that has been lost due to tooth decay.

Tooth decay is an oral disease that results from various factors: a diet rich in sugar, the presence of bacterial plaque, changes in the saliva and the characteristics of the teeth. Treatment includes removing the entire dental structure that has been affected by tooth decay. This procedure results in the formation of a cavity that is filled with a restorative material.

Classically all teeth were treated with dental amalgam, commonly known as "lead". This is a very effective material with the disadvantage of its color and consequently poor aesthetic results. Currently we have other types of materials known as composite resins, which allow for a restoration indistinguishable from natural teeth. For its aesthetic and functional characteristics, composite resins can also be used in situations of trauma and dental fractures, color changes or congenital dental defects.


Dentistry - before


Dentistry - after


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