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Dental Bleaching

Over the past two decades, according to the American Dental Association, dental bleaching has become one of the dental treatments most commonly performed to improve aesthetics, and allows a quick and easy way to improve the color of your teeth.

Dental bleaching removes internal and external pigmentation of the enamel and the underlying tooth layer, dentin, thus making teeth whiter.

The bleaching gels do not cause changes in the structure of the teeth, do not affect the status of pre-existing dental restorations and have no other type of risks or side effects.

Before bleaching your teeth you should perform a clinical evaluation with your Dentist or Oral Hygienist to ensure a good oral health of your teeth and gums, so you can start the treatment.


Teeth bleaching - before


Teeth bleaching - after


Dental bleaching with trays

One of the possible techniques for bleach your teeth is the use of trays, which act as reservoirs for the bleaching agent, whose active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide. These trays are used during a predetermined time according to a frequency and duration determined by the Dentist or Oral Hygienist.

The final result relates to the type of pigment, age of the patient and the concentration of the bleaching agent. Although this type of dental treatment can be done at home, it is advisable to have an oral health professional to supervise it and to perform a clinical evaluation of the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth.

After the clinical evaluation is done, your Dentist or Oral Hygienist will make you a mold, and the bleaching trays will be performed.

Dental bleaching at the clinic

It is a simple and painless system performed at the clinic approximately in 90 minutes and that bleach your teeth safely and effectively.

A gel of Hydrogen Peroxide, which is activated by a LED (ligth emiting diode) technology, is applied for 60 minutes. It is advisable not to ingest pigmented substances during the 24 hours after the bleaching procedure to not compromise the results.

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