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Aesthetic Restorations

The area of restorative aesthetic dentistry has witnessed a remarkable evolution in recent years. The professionals at the Implantology Institute have been following these developments with a great deal of interest and dedication.

Through the use of materials that have the same color as natural teeth (composites), dental reconstruction can be achieved with excellent aesthetic results.

This technique can be used for front teeth (to treat fractures, substitute old and/or discolored restorations, to close excessive gaps between teeth or simply to make a smile more harmonious) or posterior teeth often using an indirect technique.

In this technique, carried out in two sessions, the tooth is prepared in a conservative way and an impression is made which allows for the laboratory fabrication of a restoration with a perfect aesthetics and adaptation. Old amalgam restorations, commonly known as "leaded teeth", large fillings or even devitalized teeth that have enough tooth structure, can experience this type of reconstruction.

Indirect aesthetic restoration is a treatment where the tooth is preserved to the maximum, taking advantage of modern dental materials and restoring aesthetics and function in a more conservative and predictable way.


Broken tooth restoration - before


Broken tooth restoration - after


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