Clinical Cases


"In the last 23rd June I had a delicate surgery that consisted in placing implants in the upper jaw. Highly delicate situation because my gums were very bad. I could not pass without giving value and recognized merit to Professor João Caramês team, and himself who operate me. He was the founder of the beautiful Impantology Institute, highly renovated with a new design and architecture.
A wonderful team that is hard to find words to dignify the real human beings that are there. I must point Dr. Pedro Crispim, Dra. Marta and the wonderful assistants who were always around me.
A sweet peace of mind that they all give us. All the concern and affection that they had was remarkable.
I recommend the Implantology Institute to anyone who wants to have beautiful teeth."

Maria Fernanda Pereira

"Thanks to the team of the Implantology Institute of Lisbon, I could SMILE of happiness when I saw my son for the first time. Thank you for your sympathy and professionalism."

Carmen Saraiva

"To all my thanks for the dedication, friendliness and professionalism in this long day."

Ricardo Gomes Teixeira

"I thank the Implantology Institute the care provided yesterday. It should be noted the professionalism, competence and dedication shown in the consultation.”

Ester Marcos

“Excellent professionals. Thank you.”

Ana Sofia Costa Duarte

“Thank you very much to the Implantology Institute and its team (doctors, assistants and reception) for the service provided. Your work transpires professionalism, dedication, friendliness and respect for patients. Thank you for my mother’s smile. We are very happy.”

Cristina Morgado

“Once again I want to thank the sympathy of this clinic. My dentist and his assistant are very kind. But at this Institute all the staff are very friendly and kind. Thank you all.”

Diana Soares

“I would like to thank all the Implantology Institute team for your professionalism and attention with me. Thank you for making my life more beautiful and smiling.”

Cláudia Cristovão

“It is rather difficult to say the right words. Affection, support, dedication, several special professionals. Thanks for the SMILE.”

Carmen Gomes

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